Welcome to the KISHBOO e-magazine website!

We are sorry to announce that issue 7 of KISHBOO e-magazine maybe the last. However, the KISHBOO website will remain online for as long as possible.

Congratulations to the winner and runner-up of the summer 2016 Kishboo short story competition. We are pleased to announce the results below.

Summer 2016 issue #7

Barbara Simmonds- Clarke won first place with her story,
'The Blind Date'.
She won a prize of £50!

Patsy Collins won the runner-up place with her story
'Pursued to Glory'.
She won a prize of £25!

Julie Durdin was selected as Editor's choice with her story
'Say it with a cake'.
she won a prize of £15!

Summer 2016 issue #7 Star Poems

We have selected two star poems in the summer 2016 issue of Kishboo. These two poets will receive an amazon gift voucher for £5

Granny's House - By Cat Dodsworth

Summer's Coming - By Patsy Collins

*** Full results for Summer 2016 ***

Then we'll announce the last story winner, runner- up, Ed's choice story and two star poets.

You will still be able to buy back issues of KISHBOO on kindle and also read them for free here for the lifetime of the site.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to KISHBOO.
We've really enjoyed running the project, so we may re- ignite the story/poetry competition in the future, but with a new approach.

Warm wishes,
Keith & Sharon.


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